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Verbatim External 2 disk RAID in linux?

Looking for a backup drive I came across the Verbatim external 2 disk RAID and I was wondering how well it was supported by linux. Not being able to find an answer I picked it up anyway convinced I could get it to work to my satisfaction. But it proved to work with no fuss running via the USB2 with ext3 filesystem.

I chose the ext3 files system because of the ability to preserve unix file permissions and the ability to journal write operations, this eases the restoring process and insures data integrity in case of write interruptions, it is after all a USB disk.

The rest of this post will cover typical disk prep and setup in linux in relation to the Verbatim External 2 disk RAID system.

DONT TOUCH anything before you make a backup. The software that comes with the RAID system is on the system it self and will be wiped if RAID settings are changed and the system booted with the new settings.
Plug in the RAID system, it will behave as a USB storage device.
Copy the files to a local destination.
Unmount the device.
Power off the device.

Change the RAID switch on the back to the desired position, "RAID-1" for mirroring.
Power on the device.
Locate the device
#ls /dev/sd*

Create partition.
#fdisk /dev/sdX

Format partition.
#mkfs -t ext3

Label partition.
#e2label /dev/sdb1 bck0

Reload USB storage.
#modprobe -r usb_storage ; modprobe usb_storage

Set permissions on mount point.
#chown .backup /media/bck0
#chmod 775 /media/bck0

Assign user to proper group.
#usermod -a -G backup {USER}

The system is now ready for user backup. Usually done with rsync.
$rsync -ar ~{USER}/ /media/bck0/abo/ 1&>2

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